About Us

Sexy Beast is the brainchild of Leung de Leon (LDL) Marketing’s
#AdvertisingRockstars, Theresa Leung and Claudine de Leon.
Established in 2016, Sexy Beast started with marketing and distribution of cold-pressed juices formulated by the Philippines’ top celebrity food coach, Nadine Tengco.



Today, Sexy Beast is a lifestyle revolution that brings out the best—and the beast—in you. We believe that the good kind of change always starts from within, and that is why we’re focusing on everything that sparks a transformation on the inside (individual), so that it may inspire a movement on the outside (social).


Sexy is never just the physical aspect of being healthy. Sexy is a mindset. Sexy is a lifestyle.


We may have started as a new way of eating.
Sexy Beast is now a new way of living.
Welcome to the Sexy Beast life.



WTF is Fast Beauty Food? It is a concept of eating the best and healthy choices to bring out the Sexiest version of you.

With Mindful Eating as our Mantra, we’ve come up with products that provide you with all the delicious flavors to satisfy your taste buds, and all the nutrients your body needs to help you become a Sexy Beast! 

Choose to eat ‘em quick, eat ‘em on the go, or eat ‘em at your own sweet time, all you need 
to remember is that you’re enjoying sumptuous, 
flavorful food without the guilt!


Our functional cold-pressed juices are perfect for Detox.

Detox is the act of cleansing your body from within by abstaining from solid foods and supplying it with nutrients from fruits and vegetables. This helps reset and reboot your body by flushing out toxins from unhealthy food choices, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. 

Each bottle of Sexy Beast is backed by science and extensive research, combined with industry gold standards in manufacturing and distribution.

All flavors are carefully formulated and concocted 
by top celebrity food coach and “Sexy at Any Age” author Nadine Tengco to definitely bring out the Sexy Beast in you!



Sexy is never just the physical aspect of being healthy. Sexy is a mindset. Sexy is a lifestyle. Be the Beast that you can be everywhere, every wear. Get into Beast Mode with our active line. Move and lounge in comfort and style with our athleisure line. Unleash the Sexy Beast in you with our capsule swim wear collection.


Nourish your mind with well written content for inspired living. The journey to wellness starts with mindful and conscious choices. Spread the word and let's all thrive together!

Daryl Feril Limited Edition Mask

Detox Kits

Sexy Dawg All Natural Sausages




A creative space to create and share our energies to each and every Sexy Beast.  Make room for Sexy Beast TV for your daily dose of inspiration for the mind, body, and spirit. 



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