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3 years 4 months

There's more to coffee than just enjoying a good brew. But there's definitely more to Keto Koffee than just enjoying it as an all-in drink. Here's a delicious dessert idea.

2021 is the perfect year to reboot and restart, and what better way to adapt to the New Normal than to create a new Sexy lifestyle through mindful eating? Sexy Beast joins an intimate and informative online conversation with Comme Çi and Yoya called “Brand New Luxe,” featuring Sexy Beast co-founder and Advertising Rockstar (and one Sexy Beast herself!) Theresa Leung.

A dose of wisdom from top celebrity food coach Nadine Tengco. Our first Live Session was all about creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with the body.

3 years 4 months

You don't have to depend on takeout whenever you feel a craving for something Chinese. Chow on this Chorizo Chowfan with some all-natural Sexy Dawg Sausages!

Hope, love, and wellness - three things that we need more these days. Sexy Beast is proud to be part of Beauty Scout PH & Steps Scholarship Foundation's worthy event about beauty, health, and wellness during these challenging times.

Sexiest mug in a pizza? We got you Dawg! Check out this yummy recipe. 

Who says you can't be decadent? Indulge yourself with these luscious Chocolate-Dipped Banana Chewies. Warning: they're so addicting!