Confessions of a Juice Cleanse Virgin

September 7, 2021

Trying new things out for the first time can be daunting—we have all been there. Assessing your own health and wellness knowing that you have had enough of your old ways and need a “reset” is a huge feat to recognize! The path to sexy is best travelled when you are not alone so we sat down with Nicole Whisenhunt of Whisenhunt Fine Jewelry who recently embarked on a one-day juice cleanse with Sexy Beast Juice’s Beginners Program.

The secret’s out! Nicole gladly shared her insights as a “juice cleanse virgin” with a “mini goal” in mind: to restart and drop two pounds at most. 

“I heard a lot of good feedback about juice fasting, specifically that it restarts your body & I also wanted to do it with Sexy Beast since I know of many success stories of friends who juice with SB.”

Nicole vs Solid Food

Never having done a full day fast up until her juice cleanse day, Nicole had apprehensions in powering through the day with only liquids as her source of nutrients. Fortunately, she found her joy in detox juicing and the fact that she understands what she is putting into her body. 

“I really enjoyed the juices when I did the one-day Sexy Beast detox. They all tasted so good. This made staying away from solid food a bit easier! After completing the juice cleanse, I felt proud that I accomplished one day of juicing without cheating!”

Nicole vs Hunger Pangs

“The hunger was really in my mind. The juices kept me content.”

Juice cleansing exceeded her expectations once she realized it was not that hard as she expected. For Nicole, the hardest part of the cleanse was staying committed to it, that she would be ‘fine without the food.’ Every two hours is rewarded with a below zero bottle of cold-pressed juice to keep her satiated the entire day.

Nicole vs Herself

Big or small, everyone’s juicing journeys are wins to be celebrated! Nicole’s first-time juicing is only proof that feeling the need to restart can happen to anyone, and this need can be translated into an action plan inspired by a lifestyle reset to say “yes” to all things healthy for you!

“Now that I know I'm capable of one day, I plan to eventually do two or three days fasting! After all, a little progress each day adds up,” muses Nicole. 

She now plans to incorporate a day or up to three days of juice cleansing every month! We are glad to see it is here to stay, Nicole!

To sum it all up, juice cleansing is challenging yet doable! For best results, it can be repeated monthly or even quarterly. Excited to cleanse again, Nicole leaves us with one statement: YOU CAN DO IT!

Sure to keep you happy and full all day, the Beginners Program features two bottles of roots, greens, and nutmilks, a bottle of citrus variant of your choice, and Bloat Buster. Excited to give the Sexy Beast juice detox cleanse a go? Use #BEASTNICOLE and get 20% OFF upon checkout.