Detox Kits

Standard Detox Kit - Beginner Level

For Pre-Order

Good for 1st timers and for athletes or individuals with higher caloric requirements.

Php 2,480.00


Belly Trimmer

Premenopausal women are not alone in this dilemma. Even the healthiest of eaters fight bloat. Beat the bloat with Belly Trimmer, the fastest and most effective way to fight flab.

Fat Flush

If you’ve been bad, then you need this good. Get rid of the fat before it stays for good.

Bloat Buster

When your middle is still a riddle, Bloat Buster is your best antidote. Its combination of natural nutrients and enzymes works overtime to turn those flabs into good-looking abs.

Skin Glow

Look good AND feel good. This is a detox essential to combat dry and undernourished skin.

Endurance Booster

Don’t stop. Won’t stop. Stay in the game for as long as you want.

Metabolic Charger

Burn baby burn. A powerful charger when your metabolism is on life support.

Nut Milks
Muscle Mend

Perfect for exercise junkies who need to repair and build muscle. Stimulate recovery with Muscle Mend and stay 
on top of your game.

Nut Milks
Mighty Muscle

Build muscle. Build strength. Muscle up with each bottle.

Age Defy

Treat your body with citrus essentials to stay youthful and healthy.

Immunity Support

Protection is the best prevention. Drink your way to healthier days.